Benton Family Farm

Visit a real 4th Generation working farm that provides a variety of educational farm experiences that are hands on for families,

and SCHOOLS!  Providing farm education for over 23 years.... Meet Mr. Benton who came here in 1941 at ten yrs old.

Baby lamb just born and our Great Pyrenees (large white dog known as a protector of sheep) helps the lamb survive 5 *F weather and a new mother ewe named "Lindsey" who seems uninterested in saving her baby..She did eventually accept and raise the lamb.

School Field Trips!!!!    2014 School SPRING and 2013 FAll Tours are now being scheduled from March 26- Oct 31  Teachers we will be sheep shearing, learning about milking the cow, learning about planting a pumpkin and other vegetables and herbs.  We also focus on the Veterinarin, the Honey Bee Farmer, the Poultry and Guniea Houses, the Weather, Incubation,  and meeting all the Farm Animals!        Call Mary for a tour of our 4th Generation farm. 859-240-4552  We do spring and fall tours. Best way to contact me with questions is email gotta love the smart phones and social media. [email protected]    benton family farm facebook page and twitter @bentonfarms .                            

On the field trips, the children get the opportunity to pet/ feed/touch different types of animals and to go on a hayride.In the Spring we look at the ground being planted and learn to plant seeds.  In the fall, the children and chaperones pick their own pumpkins to take home. Children may feed grain to the sheep, goats and the llama. They also have a chance to pet the sheep and goats. The children also visit with our rabbits. While on the hayride to the pumpkin patch the children will see the horses and Diary cattle grazing in the fields and ducks/ wild geese on the ponds. From a safe distance they can see beehives where our honeybees live and work to help us make pumpkins and vergetables and of course honey. These bees pollinate the crops and provide us with more crops! The beekeeper will give a honeybee talk and show your group all of the equipment and how to start a hive and how to care for the hive. Children also visit with our calves and baby bunnies, lambs, and milk the cow if she is fresh. During the spring /fall tours the children will have hands on experience shearing the sheep and then card the wool. Handwashing facilities are provided near all the barns. The field trips are all guided and last 1 hr and 45  min to 2 hours.  

 email or fax us 859-485-3777 us your date desired , name of school,  date desired,  of classes!

 [email protected]

Benton Family Farm       Face Book Page is up and running find out the latest on the happenings on the farm!  Follow us all and our sometimes crazy adventures on the family farm!

Education of the farm you will find no where like this, after 23 years, we have learned as a farm what works and is safe, and the children take back to school what a family farm is all about. We generally see these children back on the weekends showing their parents or grandparents all about our farm! Give us a try if you have never been out on a school field trip, we have the best family,friends, volunteers who come together to make these school field trips outstanding. If you are interested in a volunteer job we can help!

 We now our a 501 3 C nonprofit organization, we are excepting tax deductible donations and will use $ to get low income children out on a field trip or a spot in our summer farm camp Adventure Days 2014. (Our 6th yr in 2014) email us and we will provide IRS letter for your donation of $75 or more. Thank you for your support for the ability to save the few family farms left!

A small Family and many caring Friends/Volunteers make this farm !


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