Benton Family Farm

Visit a real 4th Generation working farm that provides a variety of educational farm experiences that are hands on for families,

and SCHOOLS!  Providing farm education for over 23 years.... Meet Mr. Benton who came here in 1941 at ten yrs old.

Farm History


Mr. John C. Benton"Papa" came to this FARM in 1941 and at ten went to school and learned to farm in his Father's footsteps. He has been farming and surviving on this land for over 65 years! Yes, surviving as mother nature over the years can take it's toll on the land and man.  " Farming never was easy and meant long days, hardwork and not knowing the outcome."  


Here is Papa Benton and his grandson Jarred, the fourth generation for Benton Farms.  Jarred lives and works on this farm along side his Papa.

Here is Papa and his two sisters this past year at his 75th Birthday Party on the farm.  What a Party with his family and so many friends!


65+Years and still farming the land his Father brought him to in 1941.



Papa and Mama Benton have worked side by side for over 48 years sharing their life on this land of good and bad years provided by mother nature.

God bless and rest in peace "Mama" RoseMary Benton April 2, 2010.


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